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There’s no question that digital marketing has evolved over the last two decades since the internet was invented.  First, people were using message boards, going to sites like MySpace to make their mark, and paying for banner ads on forum sites and Google pay per click.

Since the early online marketing craze, now there are established players and more professional upstarts every day.  This isn’t like the dot com boom of the early 90’s, instead is a more refined and established order.

While paid ads go to the highest bidder and consumers can now be tracked everywhere they go on the internet, there is a cohesive marketing strategy that any company can begin employing.

The foundations are clearly a mixture of content and exposure across one’s own company website, as well as social media platforms and top news outlets.

While it’s every company’s dream to have a viral marketing campaign, instead it is the day in and day out drip of marketing to consumers through content on social media, email marketing, and mass media that wins the day.

One lesser understood but highly effective form of marketing is ranking in organic search results, also known as search engine optimization (SEO).

Companies who can harness the power of google to benefit from 20 times the amount of free traffic as any paid ad can garner, are the ones who really win the online marketing game, as long as they can monetize on the backend.

Traffic is the first piece of the equation. Without traffic, online or otherwise, every business is out of business.  There’s no need to build a solid lead funnel if you don’t have access and the power to harness traffic.  That is why AIAngola.com exists: to mobilize online marketers for maximum financial impact.

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