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Can You Still Build Links To Rank A Website?

Ranking a website is not as easy as what it was before the search engines got smarter. It is actually quite a complex operation now and one aspect that still comes up is if link building is still a viable option to keeping a website ranking or if you should explore some of the other options that you have available to use. Well, here is the answer if you can still use links to build rank for your website and the answer is yes, but only if you are careful about how you are going about building the links to your site and that is what will be covered here.

Same niche sites have a tendency to do quite a bit better when it comes to getting a link from versus a general website. It used to be that you could build up a website and get a link from a place like Ezinearticles and it would allow you to rank higher than what you imagined. However, that time is in the past and definitely not something that is nearly as effective as what it once was. Now, you need to do some work and find websites that are in the same niche that you are working in. For example, if you are working in the travel niche for a specific town you would want to get links from a travel authority like Tripadvisor in the forums, a travel blog that is well read, and other such sites to help you in getting the links you need to have for the rankings.

In addition to getting links from other sites in the same niche you still need to be mindful of the anchor text you are using. Before Panda came out as the update you would be able to take and link back to your website using your keyword. This is what everyone seemingly did and they were able to make quite a bit of money doing that. However, this is what the search engines now consider over optimization for the keywords you are trying to rank for and trying to manipulate the search results.

With that being the case, you need to take your anchor text and the majority of the links should be linking by generic text like click here or read more. This will be something that is a link, but it is not targeting any main keyword. So this will look natural to the search engines, but you will also find that you can use your brand and naked URL quite a bit more than what you would expect as well.

Finally, you will want to make sure your content that you are getting links back from is relevant to what you are trying to rank for. Nothing is more irritating than reading an entire blog post about kitchen mixers and then having a link that goes to a website that is featuring toilets. So you will want to make sure the content you are producing to get the links from is going to be relevant to what you are trying to get ranked as well.

Being able to rank a website like Ocean One SEO UK used to be easier than what you could imagine. However, the search engines have made quite a few changes over the years and now take into account multiple factors on where the links to a website are coming from. Since this is the case, you should know about the fact that building links is still a good way to rank a website, but it is definitely a method that will require more work than what it used to.