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How many businesses offer cremation services in your locality? Most probably, they are just a handful. This is because many companies are unwilling to invest in business concepts that are associated with death. However, if you own or manage a business that provides cremation services, it doesn’t mean that you can just rest on your laurels and wait for clients to come knocking on your door. Just like all other types of businesses, your enterprise must also be aggressively and consistently marketed.


The following are brilliant marketing ideas for a business that offers cremation services.


Stand out from other Funeral Homes


Showcase how different your business is from other funeral homes. Whether you provide exceptional customer service or excellent services, the difference between you and competitors is what ought to be marketed. A brief signature phrase, for instance, can cement the distinctiveness in prospective customers’ minds.


Consistent marketing


It’s imperative to market your funeral services consistently, regardless of how busy your employees usually are. Regular civic-minded activities and advertisements, for instance, can keep your name out there and continually remind potential clients to engage your services when a loved one passes.


Email blasts


This is a tool that allows you to market your cremation services freely. Set up a computerised system that records email addresses of all clients and visitors. Some people will provide their addresses, while others will not.


Send weekly or monthly email blasts to every customer who provided their address. Use the blasts to let people know about your funeral services. Make the information contained therein interesting to ensure that prospective clients actually read the blasts instead of ignoring them.


Show your love


Create a list of clients’ birthdays or other important anniversaries. When the anniversaries come up, send postcards. Develop a bi-monthly or monthly newsletter and send it to prospective clients through email. The newsletter should include humorous stories, recipes and forthcoming holidays, and interlace new services and other special offers within the newsletter.


On special occasions, you can reward clients with refrigerator magnets that contain your business logo, address and telephone number to ensure your business remains on their minds.




Sponsor contests to promote your business’ products and services. Those who emerge winners should be rewarded with gifts that will make them remember your business whenever their friends, colleagues, or neighbours require your products or services.


Digital marketing


Ensure you have a SEO optimised website to make it usable and more attractive. People react to what they see, given that we are all visual creatures. The website should be specially developed to make it look different after every few days or weeks. This will give prospective clients reason to visit it again and again.


Tie the website to your cremation services. For instance, a company that offers cremation services should regularly publish articles that encourage people to opt for cremation when they eventually die. Alternatively, you can publish a weekly or monthly column about cremation, and tie it to the cremation services that your company offers. Make use of search engine optimisation.


We currently live in the information age, where nearly everyone can access the internet. For this reason, you should focus more on digital marketing techniques such as search engine optimisation. Your website should not only be easy to use, but also look eye-catching. Additionally, it should be optimised for use by tablets and smartphones.


Join networking sites


Join networking sites that allow you to place links on group-member websites on your web page, and others to similarly place your web link on their sites. This technique can enable you reach a good number of prospective clients at little or absolutely no cost. Join networking sites whose membership consists of businesses that offer complementary products and services, not competing products or services.


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